Country FLAG

Country Flags usually used in Office Buildings, Schools, Hotels, Exhibitions, Stadiums, Sports organizations and events, Showrooms, Government Buildings and Factories are manufactured by Flag Wale as per the country and color codes. These can be used outdoor or placed indoor with the help of Indoor flag poles made of stainless steel base. 8″ x 12″. All flags are neatly laser cut and stitched.

  • Flag Material : 100% Woven Polyester / Silk Polyester / Cotton Polyester/ Satin/ Parachute/ Roto
  • Flag Colours : Colors as per the Pantone color code of each country.
  • Flag Size : 2′ x 3′ / 3′ x 4.5′ / 4′ x 6′ / 6′ x 9′ / 8′ x 12′ or any other custom size.
  • Flag specifications : As per the Flag Code of each country.
  • Stitching : Double Stitched on 3 sides and 4th side with Groomets / Eyelets or Nylon Rope attached to the sleeve.
  • Flag pole : Any size in Wood, Fiber Glass or Stainless Steel.